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ISBN: I love the strong emotions between the characters and the difficulties they overcome to be together always feel real and believable. There is a simplicity about the unexpected attraction between these different species that forms the basis of a powerful romance.

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Similarly, this sequel starts with a sexual attraction between very different men but one that was less successful for me. I liked both Dylan and Travis as individuals, but unlike with Blaque and Bleu, did not feel that they achieved that completely appealing and essential romantic truth of being much more together than when they were apart.

There is a huge age and experience disparity that is set up as an extra frisson to the already complicated differences between these main characters.

Moreover, their sexual relationship which explored a well worn path of domination and submission seemed uncomfortably familiar. Tales like Long Lankin or Tam Lin, full of murder, blood, evil, sorrow, honour and endless grace.

This formed the strong bones of the story. Unfortunately too much superfluous flesh is then draped on top. Although it was pleasant to catch up on the pack, all their awkward politics added another discordant element to a confusing mix of personalities and sub plots. Sometimes it just felt like too much.

Too much complication with the resultant contortion of explanations and conclusions. The feelings of tension and inevitable sadness that Dylan evoked was effective and filled the book with an over riding and individual atmosphere.


I liked revisiting this fascinating world, a mix of the everyday mess of humanity and the magical races. If you read it Larissa, I would really like to know what you think, quite mixed reactions around. Thank you.