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Along with such a challenge, he exhorts clients to take another lesson from elite athletes who quickly recover from mistakes, interceptions and missed shots in order to re-focus on what matters. The past is there for us to learn from. But if we continue going back in the past we're never going to be in the present.

And look at the beauty of life as it unfolds.

Zen and the Art of Living Deeply

The rest of the outcome I can't tell you. You may end up having people tell you that you made their day. So how do you start fresh and how do you be present?

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It's life's greatest teacher. So take life every single day. I'm a Chicago-based writer and management consultant. I was an adviser and editor for many years for the father of modern leadership studies, the late Warren Bennis, and Rob Asghar. You can do it but you just have to teach yourself. Just recently I trained my management staff not to live with drama.

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We almost want the drama so we can say we solved it! Every morning we discussed what will go right in the day and what went right, focussing on the positive. It includes tapping on meridian points, changing negative emotions and rewriting associated memories to pleasant ones. Robert and his practitioners achieve remarkable success every year with residents at Habilitat, an addiction treatment centre in Hawaii. He shares a candid look at himself, future goals and his rise from tough beginnings — born to a teenage mother and raised in a trailer park. I AM…Robert Gene. That means I know how to redesign your life, your behaviour.

I can show you how to get rid of it. I know how the mind works, which is what you do inside your head, and I link it with the neurology, the physical part and how it works; the limbic system and how it works. I link the scientific research, proving that what we do in FasterEFT works. My system includes Schema Therapy and Imagery Rescripting memory flipping, memory consolidation , Safe Place Memory happy memory , Chair Technique elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness of emotions and body sensations, mindfulness of breath, Conative Diffusion compassion for younger self , Emotional Freedom Techniques, hypnotic language, timeline therapy, provocative therapy and exposure therapy.

We just keep working on it and making it better. They can bank on it. The problem with this model is it is energy-based and not mind-based. The approach is long-winded and people want to go faster. We also do a lot of work with children. We have practitioners who are teachers doing research in schools.

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They use our process and pain is gone. My goal is to have a training centre in every every country and every state. I LOVE…myself. I work hard, I work on myself. I enjoy my life. I like helping people, I like travelling the world. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and I enjoy lamb. I used to be the worst one in the family.

The Art of Human Being

I used to be a problem. I was a bastard child. My mother fell pregnant with me at the age of By the age of 19 she had four children. I grew up in a trailer park. But today, I am determined to make a difference and the reason is, I figured out how to change myself. My work will be known and used.

The Art of Human Being

I want FasterEFT to be the best healing modality in the world. It understands the many types of minds and the many ways people process information. It works beyond belief, beyond energy. We know how to go in and change that. They do stop me occasionally and sometimes I go through them! If you ask where are my shoes? The brain will tell you where they are. We have to understand neuroplasticity; how the mind can change memories to create health, healing, more love, a better golfing score.

The cause of all our problems is internal representations and how we internalise memories and references. Being thorough creates shift and healing. I watched her study the bible.

The Art of Being Peace - Dharma Talk by Thich Nhat Hanh, 2008 05 13

What makes me who I am is persistently wanting to know, wanting to learn, understand and trying things to see if they work. Understanding tough things, hard things and breaking it down into pieces so it can be easily understood and adjusted. I have a very good mind that will look at something and kind of decode how it works. Then I figure out what the variables are and that way I can easily decode it.

Peak Moments : The Art of Non-Conformity

It scared me. I had to tap on this. It has created a little fear inside me. I really learnt that in the last two years. The toughest thing was that it hurt my friends and people who supported me. I made it. I studied the bible and spirituality and was seeking truth. Once I started with NLP and started putting things together, understanding how the mind works and how to help people, I think what I created will be my greatest achievement.

Collecting Aleister Crowley

I wish everyone worked on themselves, were kind to themselves and improved themselves. I wish everyone knew this emotional intelligence skill.

That was the biggest aha — that I had to fix me. I wake up, my head is bright and I get up. Like yourself. Be kind within yourself. Like free beer, a nice meal, a bottle of wine, gifts, celebrating my birthday.